FXD Workwear Shorts and Pants

FXD Workwear Shorts and Pants

Fxd Ws-2W Womens Short Short Khaki
FXD Shorts

Do you need workwear that looks as good as it feels? How about quality workwear that’s as functional as it is fashionable?

If this appeals to you, look no further than Australia’s own FXD Workwear

FXD, are committed to designing and manufacturing purpose-built technical workwear that goes beyond the designs and features of traditional workwear.

They’ve taken an innovative approach to ensure that their clothing meets the wants and needs of today’s hard-working individuals.

That means using quality materials to create workwear with functional features and a comfortable and stylish fit. 

Stylish Slim Fit Workwear

FXD’s technical workwear is unlike any other workwear you’ve worn before. Though they’re widely known for their many functional features, their workwear pieces are also favoured for their style.

The collection is unique from traditional workwear because it’s embraced slim-fit designs and elastic cuffs.

The reason? They don’t think you should have to sacrifice style for functionality, or vice versa.

Its effortlessly cool slim fit workwear is more flattering and fashionable than other brands on the market today.

FXD workwear is available in a wide range of sizes and colours, including khaki, green, navy, and black.

With its wide selection, you’ll have no trouble finding pieces that suit your preferences and existing wardrobe, whether you’re drawn to our FXD cuffed pants or our FXD elastic waist work shorts.

When you know you look good, you feel good!  The confidence boost that comes with wearing FXD workwear will empower you to get through the hardest days on the job.

  • FXD WP-4 Stretch Cuffed Pants

  • ,

    FXD WP-4W Womens Stretched Cuffed Work Pants

  • FXD WP-5 Lightweight Stretch Work Pants


Special Features for Purpose-Built Workwear

There are so many benefits to opting for FXD workwear over any other brand. FXD workwear offers features that serve a genuine purpose, rather than needless add-ons that just get in your way.

Many of our special features relate to the comfort and durability of our clothing. This includes the switchable draw cord for internal or external use, hem side splits for greater mobility, triple-needle seams, double-layer reinforced gusset, and our back yoke and knee stretch panels.

Of course, there’s also the elastic stretch waistband, which other workwear brands have neglected to offer customers for decades.

FXD workwear also comes with several pockets for your convenience. There’s the concealed YKK Vislon® zip pocket, dual back welt pockets, double layer internal pocket bags, and multiple utility pockets.

Please note, the exact features of your FXD workwear will vary depending on the products you choose. Still, no matter which pieces you select, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product that’s built to last. 

  • FXD WS-1 Cargo Work Shorts

  • FXD WS-3 Stretch Work Short

  • ,

    FXD WS-3W Women Stretch Work Short


Exclusively Made With Quality Materials

A key feature that sets FXD shorts and FXD pants apart is their quality. They use high-quality materials in their workwear to ensure its comfort, flexibility, and durability.

They’re also very conscious of the environmental impact of our workwear. That’s why they use materials like organic cotton, Repreve® recycled polyester, and TENSILE280™ cotton canvas.

FXD also utilise materials that offer enhanced tear and abrasion resistance, like 500 denier-coated nylon fabric, which is also lightweight and water-resistant. 

That said, what truly makes some of FXD womens pants and men’s pants unique is that they’re made with recycled 500ml plastic bottles. These bottles were destined for landfills, where it would’ve taken them over 450 years to break down.

Alternatively, they could have ended up in the ocean, where they may have harmed sea life. This commitment to environmental protection is something you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other workwear brands.

  • FXD WS-4 Repreve Stretch Elastic Waist Work Short


Invest in FXD Workwear Today

When you purchase FXD purpose-built technical workwear or work boots, you’re making a years-long investment into your comfort and your ability to get the job done.

FXD workwear is built to last for as long as you need it, regardless of the industry you specialise in. It’s truly the ultimate combination of style and functionality. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of FXD work pants or any of our other products, please browse the list below.

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